Ethiopian Cardamom

Korarima, or Ethiopian Cardamom (Afromomum Corrorima) is a member of the ginger family, as are the more common green and black cardamom. It is an essential ingredient in Ethiopian cooking as well as the kitchens of the immediate region.

Whenever an Ethiopian recipe calls for cardamom, it is korarima that the recipe is referring to, not cardamom, as many assume.

Korarima pods are much larger than green cardamom pods, and look a little like the Indian black cardamom. It is the seeds of the Ethiopian cardamom that is used, whether or the whole ground to a powder.

You can see that the Ethiopian cardamom seeds are a little browner in color and bigger than the green cardamom seeds.

What does korarima taste like?

It is not dissimilar to the green cardamom, hence the name “false cardamom”. To me, everything that the green cardamom is, the korarima is more so! It has a stronger and sharper floral aroma, with a strong camphor presence, with hints of cloves, pepper, nutmeg, and even, to my nose, eucalyptus.

How is the Ethiopian cardamom used?

It is one of the most important spices in many, many recipes and is used in Ethiopian spice mixes like the famous berbere and is also used to flavor.

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